Meet Matt Payne

Social media has fundamentally shifted the way we communicate, both personally and professionally. Matt Payne is not only a speaker but a practitioner. At G/O Digital Matt works with businesses, non-profits and government agencies on a daily basis helping them communicate in this new online and mobile world. Matt presents practical solutions to the communication challenges we face each day.

As a parent of two teenagers Matt understands how the Millennial generation communicates and he shares that experience with his audiences. His real life examples bring humor and challenge those who communicate with this generation to change their approach.

Matt is passionate about solving global poverty and the lack of clean water. His presentations include stories from his travels to Africa with non-profit who works with children. Matt also volunteers time locally with several non-profits in the Portland, Oregon Metro.


Matt has taught me virtually everything I know about social media and how to use it to grow our Chamber. He speaks in a language that makes sense to everyone, is always ahead of the curve in his knowledge and brings creativity to the front and center of all campaigns. He is wonderful to work with individually and in group settings. A+.
— Lorraine Clarno President of Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce